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Is your swimming pool losing an unusual amount of water every week, with no apparent signs where the water is going? Have you had it checked out by various companies who have been unable to find what exactly the issue is? When it comes to finding a leak in a swimming pool, you need to call in a specialist company with the necessary tools and experience to find your leak fast.

ADI was the first specialist leak detection company in the United Kingdom, and we have grown every year since we launched the business. Using the latest technology, including some which we have designed in-house, we can find the source of virtually any leak fast. Fixing any swimming pool leak tends to be the easy part of the problem; the challenge is finding where the leak originates.

Where Could Your Pool Be Leaking From?

The simple answer to this question, which is one of the most common questions we get asked, is anywhere, which is the biggest issue.

Your pool could have a tear in the liner, there could be a problem within the pipework, or the tiling could be cracked or beginning to fail. Trying to find the source of the leak without specialist equipment and knowledge is the equivalent to trying to drive from London to a remote Scottish village without a map, SatNav, or local knowledge.

You might be able to find your way there eventually, but it will cost you a lot of time, money, and stress in the process. ADI can pinpoint the source of any leak with unerring accuracy, allowing us to fix the problem in many cases on the same day we attend. If you want to get your swimming pool issue resolved today, and why wouldn’t you? Then there is only one company to call ADI.

How We Find Swimming Pool Leaks

Every swimming pool leak is different, which is the challenge our engineers face and embrace every day. ADI has invested thousands of pounds in providing our engineers with the best equipment on the marketplace. Whatever challenge they are faced with, our engineers have the tools and knowledge to overcome it.

Scuba Divers – The first place to check for any swimming pool leak is in the fabric of the pool itself. Draining a pool is not a good solution, as it is expensive and could be a complete waste of time if the leak is located elsewhere. That is why we have fully qualified scuba divers on the team who can enter your pool and search for any problems in the water.

Acoustic Listening Devices: Part of the skill set to find a leak involves using all of your senses. As we have mentioned before, a leak may not be visible to the naked eye. Our acoustic listening devices can detect the sound of a leak up to 2.5 metres underground.

Full-Length Endoscopic Cameras: Modern swimming pools are designed to look aesthetically pleasing, which means that the majority of the pipework required for filtration purposes is submerged underground. Although this does deliver many advantages, if and when a leak occurs, it can make it much more challenging to locate where that leak is coming from. We have a range of full-length endoscopic cameras, which enables our engineers to see inside your pipework regardless of where the pipes are located.

These are just some of the options our engineers have when attending to your problem. We have nearly a 100 percent success rate at finding swimming pool leaks, and once a customer discovers our service, they will never trust another company.

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ADI is a family-owned and operated business with engineers strategically placed around the country. Whatever type of swimming pool you have, however insignificant your leak might be, ADI can and will find the leak for you. Contact our friendly customer service team today to book an appointment and solve your leaking swimming pool problem instantly.

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