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ADI Swimming Pool & Filtration System Leak Detection Services

At ADI leak detection we understand how frustrating a swimming pool leak can be. Not only the cost of constantly topping up your pool, but the damage that can be created by the escape of water. This can add costs of constantly heating leaking water and loss of chemicals. Leaks can also cause damage to the pool foundations and nearby buildings.

ADI is proud to be able to offer one of the most comprehensive swimming pool leak detection services on the market today. We are CIPHE registered plumbers with years of experience in non-invasive leak detection, and we are also PADI certified scuba divers. We will use a unique combination of skills from all of these fields to find your swimming pool leak.

ADI’s comprehensive service uses proven methods – whether the pool is full or empty – to find leaks in the pipe work or swimming pool itself.


What we bring on site

So that ADI Swimming Pool Leak Detection can carry out an investigation of the best quality, we only use the highest standard of equipment. Just look at everything we bring on site:

  • Our specialist swimming pool leak detection engineers
  • Experienced and qualified PADI Scuba diver
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Electronic listening devices
  • Tracer gases and gas sniffer units
  • Extensive pressure testing units
  • Pipe tracing equipment
  • Full length endoscopic cameras
  • Dye testing kits
  • Damp meters
  • ADI’s Unique LS1 Swimming Pool Leak Locating Device

We bring all this on site, it doesn’t matter whether it is inside, outside, domestic or commercial. Whether the leak is on the pool or filtration system, ADI has the technology to pin point the leak.

Do the pools need to be heated?

Our engineers are qualified dry suit divers, these suits allow us to dive in very low temperatures. So don’t feel that you have to waste MORE money on heating your pool for our engineers. All we ask is that the pool is clean and swimmable.

How do we find your swimming pool leak?

Using our diving equipment we can methodically examine pool for structural damage, for example in cracks in the tiling or lining. If a structural problem is identified it may be possible to carry out a temporary repair to allow safe use of the pool and to enable testing or use of the pool to continue.

Once the pool has been fully inspected, we pressurise the pipes with tracer gases to identify any pressure loss and escape of gases on the filtration system. When the gases escape from the leaking pipe, they rise up through the ground and we detect the gases with a special gas tracer. This non-invasive methods enables us to keep damage to an absolute minimum – only exposing the area where the leak is identified – rather than digging up around the entire length of the pipe. Remedial costs therefore, are also kept to an absolute minimum.

Please note: this is an explanation of just one of the methods we use, but we may use any of the methods listed above in any one appointment. Again, they are all non-invasive.

Please call us today on 0800 043 5585 to discover how we can help you locate your swimming pool leak and / or repair your swimming pool leak!